Trump just sent a powerful, POWERFUL message to ISIS!

The U.S. Air Force dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal in a mountainous area of eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province on Thursday. The bomb is called the “Mother of all bombs,” Jennifer Griffin reported to Fox News from the Pentagon. It is a 30-foot, 21,000-pound bomb that was developed …

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The NeoCon WarHawk Kagan Family is Back After Licking Their Wounds of a Hillary Loss

The Husband and Wife Duo makes Quite a One-Two Punch for the Military-Industrial Complex The Kagan family, America’s neoconservative aristocracy, has reemerged having recovered from the letdown over not gaining its expected influence from the election of Hillary Clinton and from its loss of official power at the start of …

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Executive Order 12333 United States Intelligence Activities

On December 4, 1981, U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order 12333, an Executive Order intended to extend powers and responsibilities of U.S. intelligence agencies and direct the leaders of U.S. federal agencies to co-operate fully with CIA requests for information. This executive order was entitled United States Intelligence Activities. …

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David Seaman: Donald Trump A High-Functioning Ron Paul Who Actually Won

Donald Trump is like a super-powered Ron Paul who actually won! Humanity has an opportunity with an “outsider” in the White House for the first time arguably since JFK’s election. What are you protesting? Share Share This:

President Trump Receives a Thunderous Welcome with the Intelligence Community!

Trump Receives Standing Ovation and Thunderous Applause after speaking to the Intelligence community. Trump assure them that he and their New CIA Director Mike Pompeo will have their backs in full support. Watch the second video where Congressman Pompeo question Hillary Clinton on Benghazi last year and it shows that I believe the new …

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Trump sets Record for most Prayers in Inaugural Ceremonies

President-elect Donald Trump, wife Melania Trump and family attend an inauguration day church service on Friday at St. John’s Episcopal Church near the White House. Trump will be sworn in using both his own Bible, gifted to him by his mother, and the Bible used to swear in President Abraham …

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John Kerry told President-elect Trump he should not “Step Into” the politics of Germany or any other Country

Outgoing US Secretary of State John Kerry says President-elect Donald Trump should not “step into” the politics of Germany or any other country, just four days before Donald Trump takes office and will absolutely will be stepping into the politics of Germany and all other countries. Kerry made the remarks …

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Why does the CIA Suddenly Wants To Destabilize America?

The CIA does the administration’s bidding. When the administration is good and just, American lives can be saved and American interests can be broadened using the CIA’s skill set. When the administration is bad and unjust or compromised by outside interests, American lives can be ruined and American interests can …

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INFOWARS: ISIS And Mexican Cartels Strike At U.S In Mexico

Joe Biggs breaks down reports from Judicial Watch that ISIS militants joined forces with Mexican Cartels and attacked a U.S consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. High-level government sources also told Judicial Watch that the shootout was linked to a plan surrounding attacks against the U.S. during the time of the presidential …

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Head of D.C. National Guard to be Removed from Post in Middle of Inauguration per Obama

The U.S. Army general who heads the D.C. National Guard and is an integral part of overseeing the inauguration said Friday he has been ordered removed from command effective Jan. 20, 12:01 p.m., just as Donald Trump is sworn in as president. Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz’s departure will come …

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David Seaman: Donald Trump’s Family By His Side During Intense Press Conference

Donald Trump’s first press conference of 2017 was intense, and a sign to the naysayers: Trump hasn’t been watered down by anyone. An incoming U.S. President has never dismissed a CNN reporter as “fake news!” before on national television- CNN deserves worse for their off the wall biased coverage during …

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US Intelligence Agencies Coup D’état the final Push Before the Violent Overthrow

US Intelligence Agencies Conspire To Implement A Coup D’état What follows is just one example of how much Donald J. Trump is upsetting the NWO apple cart.  Robert Kennedy Jr. agrees to ‘chair a commission on vaccination safety and scientific integrity’ for Trump It ought to be obvious by this critical …

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James Clapper Your Inept: Most American People Do Not Accept Your Fake Apology

We The American People Do Not Accept Your Apology James Clapper. It is your responsibility that fake Intel does not spread to the public. You cannot be that inept and if you are then you sir are a threat to our National Security! Apparently, Donald Trump was telling the truth when …

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Donald Trump Should Sue Buzzfeed into Wuzzfeed for Shilling for Globalism

BuzzFeed published a false and sick report about Donald Trump, knowing it very well could be false at the time. That’s not responsible journalism. And the media was right, there is FAKE NEWS: CNN, Fox, MSNBC, BuzzFeed, and The Washington Post come to mind. Share Share This:

2017 Inauguration Day Some are Planning a Real life Purge

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness …

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Federal Government “Does Not” have the “Constitutional Authority” to Administer Elections

The ruling establishment has responded to Donald Trump’s election by laying the groundwork to federalize, and thus control, future elections. Read Tyler Durden’s report. The federal government does not have the constitutional authority to administer elections, only to set the date. The Obama regime’s designation of elections as “critical infrastructure” …

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2 Dozen Apache Choppers En Route To South Korea Over Threats from North Korea

A US battalion of two dozen AH-64D Apache heavy attack choppers and 360 US troops will replace a division of 30 observation and light arms helicopters currently in service at Camp Humphreys in South Korea. “The rotational deployment of Apache helicopters is a demonstration of strong US will in implementing …

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Inauguration 2017: Road Closures, Protests, Checkpoints and 90 Minute Parade Route

The 2017 Presidential Inaugural Subcommittees announced the Joint Transportation Plan for the 58th Presidential Inauguration. Events and activities celebrating the Inauguration, a designated National Special Security Event, will take place from Thursday, January 19 to Saturday, January 21, 2017. Share Share This: