David Seaman: Pizzagate Is Real: Some updates

Pizzagate is very real. Some relevant updates on expected arrests. Also, some other research groups I have no direct connection to are now reporting the ‘password protected’ area of Comet Pizza’s web site has been compromised, and contains many illegal images of minors. I have not yet been able to …

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David Seaman: Donald Trump A High-Functioning Ron Paul Who Actually Won

Donald Trump is like a super-powered Ron Paul who actually won! Humanity has an opportunity with an “outsider” in the White House for the first time arguably since JFK’s election. What are you protesting? Share Share This:

David Seaman: Pizzagate Journalists Being Attacked by MMFA & ThinkProgress!!!

The lady doth protest too much! Shakespeare nailed it then, and we can see it now: WHY are the Podesta-linked media “advocacy” groups Media Matters for America and ThinkProgress viciously attacking any journalist who discusses Pizzagate? We outnumber you think tank sockpuppet groups. And Pizzagate is entirely real. Every American …

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President Donald Trump vs. the Media Will Be an Epic Battle

The corporate media approval ratings sit at below 16 percent nationwide in the United States, yet these multimillionaire muppet wannabe actors in the “media” (billionaires’ blogs, to use Mike Cernovich’s phrase) somehow think they command some vast unspoken moral authority that… in reality… just isn’t. We voted back in November …

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Why does the CIA Suddenly Wants To Destabilize America?

The CIA does the administration’s bidding. When the administration is good and just, American lives can be saved and American interests can be broadened using the CIA’s skill set. When the administration is bad and unjust or compromised by outside interests, American lives can be ruined and American interests can …

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David Seaman: Donald Trump’s Family By His Side During Intense Press Conference

Donald Trump’s first press conference of 2017 was intense, and a sign to the naysayers: Trump hasn’t been watered down by anyone. An incoming U.S. President has never dismissed a CNN reporter as “fake news!” before on national television- CNN deserves worse for their off the wall biased coverage during …

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