Trump the first Pro-Israel President in Fifty Years

15094362_10209938259924865_4659362826725405507_nTrump is the first president to take the oath at age 70, 7 months and 7 days of his life. He is the first pro-Israel president to rule during the fifth decade (50 years) of the taking of the Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. He would be the first president to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the annexation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
5 decades of the conquest of Mount
7 Decades of Trump’s Life
7 months since last birthday
7 days
5777 is the Current Hebrew year.

To win Trump would be the 45th president.
Isaiah 45 = Jehovah calls king Cyrus the anointed one. Cyrus, King of Persia authorizes Ezra and Nehemiah to rebuild the walls and cities in Jerusalem. King Cyrus allows the children of Israel to build the second temple. King Cyrus saved the people of God from death at the hands of Haman after hearing the request of Queen Esther.
Keywords: wall, CITY, TEMPLE
The three pillars of Trump’s political platform:
1. Build a wall
2. Rehabilitate cities

We are the branch that Christ (Romans 11) grafted into the olive tree.

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