Alex Jones Show: More Than Half Of The Protesters Arrested In Portland Didn’t Even Vote!

gettyimages-622948908-640x480More than half of anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn’t vote: Portland demonstrators turned violent while marching in protest of the election results… an election they cared not to even vote in! It is time to call them what they are paid “MERCENARIES” by George Soros and his revolutionary groups.

But of the 112 protesters arrested by the Portland Police Bureau, more than half didn’t even vote according to state election records.

Sixty-nine protesters didn’t fill out a ballot or weren’t registered to vote in Oregon, according to NBC affiliate KGW. The news channel compared state voter logs provided by Multnomah County election officials with a list of those arrested – which included names and ages.

There were 25 protesters who did vote, while the voting records of 17 protesters were still in the process of being verified, stated KGW.

Thousands have taken to the streets to march in anti-Trump demonstrations since in Nov. 9 election. While most have been peaceful, others have resulted in graffiti, small fires and even violence.

Breitbart News also reports on the story.

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