Port Canaveral Gulftainer is the Weapon of Mass Deception and Destruction for USA

US Ports Distribute the Delivery System of Russia’s Club-K container cruise missile launch system on American Soil through ships, trucks and Rails

‘Project Pelican’ was the secret operation that handed over the cargo container terminal in 2014 at Port Canaveral, Florida to Iraq’s oil-wealthy Jafar family, major power players in Saddam Hussein’s rogue nuclear weapons program. Gulftainer, the firm now in control of all container facilities at Port Canaveral, is co-owned by a foreign government UAE and Iraqi brothers Badr and Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar; Badr Jafar is Chief Executive Officer of both Gulftainer and Crescent Enterprises, the parent company of Gulftainer that does business with Iran and North Korea in violation of US Sanctions.

Gulftainer is in a joint venture with Russian state-owned ROSTEC, which owns one hundred percent of the shares of ROSOBORONEXPORT, the exporter of the Club-K container missile launch system.

Gulftainer is an independently owned, global port operator with its corporate head office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Gulftainer engaged in a cover-up of its true ownership. Gulftainer is actually owned by Hamid Jafar along with an Arab dictator, Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah, a UAE Emirate, according to a now-scrubbed World Bank document and one of Crescent’s own documents. That arrangement establishes Gulftainer as partially owned by the UAE government and places the Port Canaveral cargo operation under the control of a foreign government.

Dr. Jafar’s Company Employs Former Iranian Regime Official as its Director of Strategic Planning. The Jafars turned to Siamak Namazi, a former Iranian army officer and regime official with deep ties to Obama’s ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’ to serve as its Director of Strategic Planning for the Jafars’ Crescent Petroleum.

The Jafars have joint ventures with a Russian state-owned bank linked to ROSTEC and under U.S. sanctions. The Jafars were not authorized to hire citizens of countries under sanctions. The Port Canaveral contract states that this provision is retroactive; thus the hiring of Dr. Hamid Zaheri, a former Iranian Oil Ministry official and the scrubbing of that information from the company website to hide that hire appears to demonstrate that the Jafars knew that they conspired to sign a lease contract with the knowledge that they were in violation of the terms.

The Jafars’ Gulftainer is a majority owner (51% stake) of Gulf Stevedoring Contracting Company in a syndicate with GSCCO’s founders and remaining stakeholders, Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport and Atheeb Holding Company of Saudi Arabia.

The establishment of GSCCO allowed Gulftainer “to assume the full management of three Saudi terminals, located in Jeddah and Jubail” and to become syndicate partners with Kuwait Gulf Link.

RAK Emirate: ‘Iran’s Best Friend In The Race to Acquire Nuclear Weapons” Ras al-Khaimah (RAK) is the name of one of the seven emirates that comprise the UAE. The emirate government of Ras al-Khaimah was one of the parties that formed RAK shipping alongside Dashti and IRISL. RAK shipping, therefore, was established as an entity jointly-owned by the UAE government, the Iranian government, and Dashti.

“The New York Post” characterized the Emirate of RAK as “the port of choice for Iranian smugglers to bring in illicit weapon materials and flout UN sanctions” and “Iran’s best friend in the race to acquire nuclear weapons” according to the KGL court document that is in violation of Iran sanctions.

Russia can now fight a conventional War in the United State & Israel. “Russia Eurasian Union” includes Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet republics, Turkey, Iran, and North Korea, into the grand Eurasian Union strong enough to defeat the West according to The National Review.

North Korea and Iran have a solid track record of military cooperation dating back to Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution, but the stakes, and the danger to the West have grown exponentially as these two Moscow-backed rogue regimes hurtle toward a possible nuclear confrontation with the United States.

Dr. Jafar and North Korea have worked together for over twenty years. Key to the efforts of Iran, North Korea, and Syria is to lead the Third World against the West will be the possession of weapons of mass destruction delivery system.

North Korea and Iran are not the only countries threatening war with the United States. Russia is a sponsor of both of those terrorist regimes, has also adopted an increasingly confident and aggressive military posture toward the United States.

Rostislav Atkov, the representative of the Russian manufacturer of the Club K container missile system, gloated on Russian military television “There are terminals everywhere, where they (Club-K) can be stored however long it takes”

Atkov’s hostile remarks are reinforced by the ominous Club-K marketing video, in which the military targets are American. Also disconcerting: the flatbed semi-trailer hauling a Club-K container, its roof opening for a missile launch, is being pulled behind an American made red Kenworth T-200 sleeper tractor, suggesting a cruise missile launch made from within the United States.

The US Air Force Space Command states that the Eastern Range, which extends east over the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center “is critical for Nation’s Assured Access to Space.

The majority of our nation’s military space capability is launched from here…(for technical reasons related to) geography & physics.” Port Canaveral is the maritime port for the Eastern Range. The Eastern Range is used for launches of GPS satellites, National Reconnaissance Office/CIA/DoD spy satellites, the top-secret X-37B ‘Space Plane, ’NASA International Space Station resupply missions, SpaceX commercial and national security launches that Gulftainer holds the contract to retrieve the Falcon 9 on reentry, in addition to tests of the Navy’s Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

Keep in mind that Dr. Jafar’s name was on the Pentagon’s secret CENTCOM ‘Blacklist’ of top Iraqi regime officials wanted for capture by coalition forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom, that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton colluded with to make all this happen.

Dr. Jafar’s entire nuclear weapons career and wider WMD career has been intertwined with the USSR / Russian Federation.

Russia’s Club-K container cruise missile launch system, ’Project Pelican’ aka Gulftainer and the ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’ are also examples of the effective application of the principles found in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” Notably, the three parallel operations were concurrently executed.

A single Club-K with four missiles carrying nuclear or conventional weapons could devastate several U.S. cities. Each individual Club-K container unit armed with four cruise missiles is known as a ‘Universal Launching Module.’ The four cruise missiles can engage multiple targets. Russia designed its Club-K system container units to be used in large numbers as components of a massive preemptive ‘distributed lethality’ attack against the United States.

A coordinated Club-K attack by Russia and its affiliates could immediately limit America’s counter-strike options and capabilities. Uranium One allows Russia to mass-produce these Club-K container cruise missile launch systems.

Club-K container cruise missile launchers, smuggled through U.S. ports and armed with Kalibr-class (NATO code-name Sizzler) cruise missiles, could be used in a Pearl Harbor-style attack on U.S. naval forces sitting in port. The Club-K gives “any merchant vessel the capability to wipe out an aircraft carrier.”

These Club-K container cruise missile attacks could be augmented by force-multiplying submarine fleets from Iran (a member of the Islamic Bloc), from North Korea, Vietnam, and China (members of the Trans-Asian Axis) and from Russia.

These submarines (such as the Russian Akula II class) along with surface warships and merchant ships also carrying Kalibr cruise missiles could result in a massive coordinated surprise cruise missile attack from both off U.S. shores and from within the U.S. interior, including highways, rail lines, and rivers.

Iran Practiced Launching EMP Attacks from Cargo Freighter Ships. Iran now possesses low yield nuclear warheads that can be mounted on the Shehab missile and deployed on the oceans in container ships with the Russian provided Club K missile launch system…to launch EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapons on U.S. Coastal cities and freeze our national grid systems.

The Club-K missiles have satellite navigation, which currently would utilize the U.S. GPS and the Russian GLONASS (GPS) systems, and possibly also China’s Beidou 2 system and Europe’s Galileo in the future. According to the Club-K promotional video, targeting coordinates would be provided from space by a satellite, but these could also be supplied by airborne platforms.

The Club-K container system’s stealth WMD delivery capability has exponentially expanded the danger zone from Dr. Jafar’s ‘Beach Ball” Nuke — it does not cover just Israel and the Middle East anymore but has now expanded to every city in America.

Defense analysts call the arrival of Club-K an asymmetrical “game changer” that has shifted the U.S.-Russia strategic balance of power to Russia’s advantage. Russia is even equipping its new state-of-the-art arctic icebreakers with Club-K missile systems.

Officials at NORTHCOM/NORAD concede that the United States has no off-the-shelf technical solutions for tracking Club-K units that determined adversaries may have already smuggled into the U.S. or defending America from surprise Club-K cruise missile attacks, which could include nuclear, biological and EMP attacks.

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