Army Tests New ‘AI-Controlled-Exoskeleton’

Lockheed Martin’s Fortis Knee Stress Release Device (K-SRD) – an AI controlled exoskeleton is designed to turn U.S. soldiers into super-machines. The Army is currently testing the technology at Fort A.P. Hill running it through normal tasks of combat infantry– in order to see if productivity increase.

The Fortis exoskeleton, which weighs 85-pounds, looks like a piece of tech from Iron Man’s suit, works with AI to analyze and replicate individual walk patterns, provide additional torque, and add more power to combat infantry personnel. Attached to the exoskeleton are independent actuators, motors, and lightweight conformal structures, powered by a 3-pound lithium ion battery that allows soldiers to complete tasks while expending less energy.

The belt connects with flexible hip sensors throughout the systems. These sensors tell the computer where the soldier is in space along with the speed and velocity of the movements.

The technology is designed to help soldiers, run, maneuver, carry injured comrades and perform a wide range of combat tasks while exerting minimal energy said Engineers report that AI systems working in sync with motors on the exoskeleton can reduce about nine percent energy per task.

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