Lukewarm Really Means Asleep in Consciousness

By Zeeda Andrews

We are all subjects of a psyop. Humans are now a studied species for future transhumanism a preferred new species of the fallen and Luciferians.

Humanity has been under ‘Elite domination’ for centuries manipulating mankind since the Garden of Eden. The first victim of a psyop was Eve. Psychological operations or PSYOP for short is a planned operation to convey an idea or selected information or to indicate a fact to an individual, group or audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and impartial reasoning in their thought process to ultimately channel the behavior in which the psyop is seeking.

The serpent didn’t have the technology of today but the techniques used are the same and to be effective one has to study the individual, group or audience to know their weaknesses and strengths to develop the most effective psyop to overcome the conscious will of the group, audience or individual.

Not only are we bombarded with a daily diet of propaganda, lies, misinformation, and half-truth to sway the conscious mind, we are also bombarded with the unseen technology that is more damaging to the unconscious mind, such as wifi, alpha waves from TVs and radiation from cell phones. The first thing most people do when they get home from work is to turn on the TV because we all love our psyops and we can’t get enough.

Families have stopped communicating, little Jimmy is in his bedroom playing Assassin Creed Origins video game and has joined the Brotherhood.

Teenager Elizabeth is on her cell phone, Dad is watching sports on TV and Mom is on Facebook or Twitter and in many cases, the entire family is on some Social Media.

I was in a restaurant last week and I was shocked at my observation of the place. I had an eerie realization that this wonderful cell phone technology has taken over our conscious and subconscious minds, I watched families and couples eating dinner with cells phones in one hand and a fork in the other or talking on the phone, or playing games, it was a wowzer moment for me, restaurants are usually loud with laughter and alive with conversations.

I put two and two together and recalled my experience in 2013 on my roadtrip to Washington DC. The CB Radio was silent, I thought my CB was not working because I did not hear Trucker chatter and there is always chatter going on channel 19 so I did a radio check and my CB was fine but, I thought it was very odd later I discovered there was a new DOT regulation that required Trucking companies put wifi and GPS tracking systems in their Trucks. Things sure had changed since my trucking days.

I also discovered how many semi truck drivers had sleep apnea since the new tracking equipment was installed. American Transportation Research Institute of the American Trucking Associations found that almost one-third (28 percent) of commercial truck drivers have mild to severe sleep apnea, and this study was in 2013 and I can certainly say it is much higher today. This breathing-related sleep disorder was never heard of in the industry before the tracking systems were installed in the trucks.

Whether you want to recognize it or not, we are being controlled and manipulated through wifi and frequency technology and nanotechnology that is very real that controls the mind. Look around and observe society is changing and not in a positive direction. We live under ionized skies a chemtrail atmosphere we are all subjects of the Elite PSY-OPS. We are now the studied species for the future transhuman to replace us. This is how sick minded these Luciferians are.

We can change this together by limiting our intake of wifi and other technologies to take control of our conscious minds. Humanity has been under this Elite domination far too long, we can use this against them, those who seek to destroy us and the earth. These nanobots have to be zapped to kill the processor in them. You can buy a zapper at Dr. Clark Store or make one from a 12-volt battery two alligator clips, two copper wires, clip the alligator ends to the battery and hold the other end of copper in each hand for 3 seconds and wait 3 seconds, you have to continue this for 30 minutes 3x a week, and you must take amino acids to flush out the bacteria from your blood.

What’s new and different is the level of consciousness we have in the task of deciphering how we shall maximize our lives under the Yoke of a diabolical occult Elite Power.

We can’t be the indulgent Americans anymore and expect to survive and thrive. We all have breathed in the bio Morgellons Nanos through Chemtrails, look it up for yourself. Morgellons thrives on the iron in our blood and it’s just one of many the parasites living in us the only difference is; Morgellons Disease / Nano Poisoning is Programmed and it’s remotely connected to the “LAPTOP BOYS”.

The new and improved molecule nanotechnology is evolving powered by AI to replicate the human life and the way human life functions and how cells communicate and interface with the genetic code which is now assimilating the human race integrating its matrix with human DNA.  This biology will then attack and deface our immune system. We are living in a more sophisticated world and we need to start thinking for ourselves or continue if you already are.

Get rid of the Alpha wave TV, you deserve better than that, there is a war on consciousness called Space Fence we have to focus on our Consciousness to thwart the Programming, Consciousness Precedes Matter, which means it has the power to move in Matter and change it. I do believe our creator expects us to fight against the principalities with our intelligence, our consciousness and speaking out and against the evil, we are at a time ‘Not’ to be silent or Lukewarm!

We must self-evaluate, and learn to practice inner governance or self-regulation of our emotions and behaviors. In an ideal Republic, people have the power and they use it wisely by electing the best political candidates to represent them.

Democracy goes astray, however, when the people lose sight of what’s going on behind the scenes. They’re not informed about what’s being done in their name. And they may not be vigilant enough to investigate. On a personal level, this is what happens to each of us. Too much is going on behind the scenes, in our unconscious mind, that we don’t know about. We have many distractions that we should regulate.

Discover your true nature, find your passion, and fulfill your destiny. The world needs more conscious people!

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