al-CIA-da Osama bin Laden’s Secret dealings with Iran

A file photograph dated 1998 showing Saudi-born billionaire Osama Bin Laden smiling as he sits in a cave in the Jalalabad region of Afghanistan. CREDIT: EPA

A newly released trove of documents recovered from Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound has revealed: “secret dealings” between Iran and al-Qaeda.

Nearly half a million files found on the computer seized on May 2, 2011, US raid on the al-Qaeda founder’s hideout in Abbottabad were released by the CIA on Wednesday.

A never-before-seen 19-page document purportedly written by a senior member of al-Qaeda details an arrangement between Iran and members of the group to strike American interests in “Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.” Read full article

Do you really think Osama bin Laden is dead? Or was he in Iran the entire time. There is a reason for CIA to release these classified files because they could care less if we know the truth but it is very intriguing just the same! This video was from seven years ago. I personally feel that this CIA dump of Osama classified files is activating terrorist cells in the US.

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