Officials Plan Blackout Drill During Moon Occults Aldebaran November 4-6th

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Shooting stars and an easy-to-spot pair of planets are great ways to enjoy the night sky this month

November is jam-packed with sky-watching delights, from a trio of meteor sprinkles to a celestial close encounter featuring two of the brightest planets visible in the entire sky. So dust off those binoculars, and mark your November calendar! November is also jam-packed with occultism practices. The 4th through the 6th marks the beginning of the occult illumination.

Venus will appear in the night sky near the far more distant star Spica on November 2.

Early risers looking towards the eastern sky about an hour before local sunrise can catch sight of two very bright white stars huddled together close to the horizon.

The brighter spot is the planet, Venus, sitting just 13 light-minutes from Earth, while its stellar companion is the 250-light-year-away star Spica. It’s important to remember that Venus appears so bright because of its relative proximity to Earth and it’s highly reflective clouds that enshroud the entire planet.

South Taurid Meteor Shower — November 4 and 5

The Taurid meteor showers are divided into two distinct streams that do not have well-defined peak activity times, and actually, overlap across the entire month of November. Though each shower has only five to seven shooting stars visible per hour around the peak dates, these showers are known to produce very bright fireballs, so patient sky-watchers can get a big surprise.

First up is the South Taurid shower, which intensifies in the hours right after local midnight on both November 4 and 5. The individual meteors tend to be slow-moving and appear to radiate out from the constellation Taurus, the bull, which rises late on nights this time of year. The Moon will reduce the view for the peak of the south Taurids on the 4/5th November but by the peak of the North Taurids on 11/12 November.

Moon and A Bull’s-Eye — Moon occults Aldebaran on November 5

On the night of November 5-6, 2017 – the moon occults (covers over) Aldebaran, the brightest star in the constellation Taurus the Bull. On the above sky chart, we don’t show the moon for November 5, because if we did, it’d hide the star Aldebaran from view. This occultation is visible from much of North America, Greenland, Iceland and northern Europe. Elsewhere around the world, tonight’s moon shines close to Aldebaran but won’t pass directly in front of Aldebaran.

An occultation is an event that occurs when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer. It can also refer to any situation wherein an object in the foreground blocks from view (occults) an object in the background. In this general sense, occultation applies to the visual scene observed from low-flying aircraft (or computer-generated imagery) wherein foreground objects obscure distant objects dynamically, as the scene changes over time.

Keep in mind, though, that the glare of the still-bright, almost-full waning gibbous moon might make it tough to see Aldebaran and the nearby Pleiades star cluster. You may glance up and notice Aldebaran and the Pleiades shining in the moon’s glare. Or, if you don’t, try placing a finger over the moon to get a better view of Aldebaran and the Pleiades star cluster better.

The sky chart at the top of the page is for mid-northern North American latitudes, on the evenings of November 4, 5 and 6. On these dates from the world’s Eastern Hemisphere – Europe, Africa and Asia – the moon is somewhat offset toward the previous date.

Bottom line: As seen from around the world, the moon and star Aldebaran cross the night sky from the evening of November 5 until dawn November 6. From some parts of the world, the moon will pass in front of Aldebaran. The Illuminati Occult will use this chart of illumination as a ritual human blood sacrifice in America maybe even worldwide, be prepared!

The Deep State Shadow Government planned Event From Nov. 4 To Nov. 6 –Officials Plan Blackout Drill is very telling that they are also worshipping the occult practices of the Moon and A Bull’s-Eye occults of Aldebaran on an unsuspecting populace. I believe this event will be a fire and frequency event.

Look at the star formations on the date notice star Spica and Hades and Alderman the “bulls-eye” the bull also represents Molech and human sacrifices, Hades the underworld or underground and death that happens on the 5th of November, this line up is rare and all through history it has caused many deaths wars riots. I think Antifa is going to do their worst damage on this day.

Here’s more on star Aldebaran the bulls eye Trade Towers =DNA= Virtual Reality, All Seeing EYE = Aldebaran (Star) Taurus Constellation=Rothschild’s =Bull on Wall Street = Virgo Constellation = Statue Liberty = Spica (Star) = LibertyTorch.

Aldebaran Star, Alpha Tauri

Constellation Taurus was an object of worship in primitive cultures throughout the ages. To the ancient Egyptians, it was the bull-god Orissi, but the star was also worshiped by the Babylonians, Chinese, Druids, and some tribes of Amazon Indians. Taurus traditionally presages the results of the beginnings of large political undertakings. The constellation also portends that which affects wild animals, especially those of danger to man.

Saturn conjunct Aldebaran: Great afflictions, strange mind, great wickedness, sarcasm, eloquence, good memory, studious and retiring nature, legal abilities, domestic and material success, losses through mercurial friends. If at the same time the Moon is with Antares there will be a violent death, probably by hanging.

And if linked in an unfavorable manner with other stellar bodies could bring danger and loss through water, e.g., by floods, storm, shipwreck, drowning.

We must remember that there are always countless interpretations from countless angles on countless levels, all depending on what context you apply in your analysis.

The eternal awareness that is you exists beyond any concept of energy yet your essence has been captured in this sea of dynamic energy in which you have your physical life experience. It’s this energetic system of consciousness that causes you to forget who you really are, it is the epic fall into this low-frequency energy of fear that causes all the distortions, it is the splitting of Awareness from its state of nothingness into two dynamic forces that forever keeps you a prisoner in this womb matrix forever seeking to return to your original state of nothingness which is the ultimate reality, however in this system of consciousness. Reality is always first a collective reality that is we are born into a culture that is already existing, in essence, we are born into a collective reality that is very much in progress, and essentially generations and generations of experience of the people in that culture is passed on to each one of us.

Here are the local times of the occultation for various U. S. localities:

New York City is my most troubling city because the Eye of Taurus lines up over NYC at this time.

New York City, New York (November 5)
Occultation begins (Aldebaran disappears): 20:01:28 (8:01:28 p.m.) local time
Occultation ends (Aldebaran reappears): 20:56:41 (8:56:41 p.m.) local time

Chicago, Illinois (November 5)
Occultation begins (Aldebaran disappears): 19:03:26 (7:03:26 p.m.) local time
Occultation ends (Aldebaran reappears); 19:55:53 (7:55:53 p.m.) local time

New Orleans, Louisiana (November 5)
Occultation begins (Aldebaran disappears): before moonrise
Moonrise: 18:51 p.m. (6:51 p.m.) local time
Occultation ends (Aldebaran reappears): 19:38:15 (7:38:15 p.m.) local time

Click here on How to translate UTC to your time:

Click here to figure your city worldwide Universal time of disappearance & reappearance – Moon: % illumination

Joni Patry: November Predictions 2017:: Future Revelations Uncover past Scandals, her predictions tie into this occultism.

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