Birthright Promise Revealed: Ephraim, Manasseh, And Judah are “The House of Israel” episode 3

Have you ever wondered who are the peoples of the United States and the British Commonwealth is identified in the pages of the Bible? If the Bible claims to be the word of God then how can it ignore the greatest nations in the world? Well believe it or not these nations to are identified in the pages of your Bible! And are MENTIONED MORE TIMES than any other nations in the Bible.

All prophecy is centered on the people called the “House of Israel,” which means the prophecy is largely referring to the USA & THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS AND THE PEOPLE OF NORTHWESTERN EUROPE. We are the very focal point of all prophecy. When you understand where we are identified, then all of Bible prophecy falls into place. Personally, I believe the Wicked Elites have and are using the events in Bible Prophecy to manipulate and confuse people into believing a lie by twisting the truth until the truth is no longer recognizable by the masses, they create Chaos and Fear to control us.

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