The Birthright Promise: Do You Know Who Ephraim and Manasseh are in Bible Prophecy? episode 1

We of the United States and the British Commonwealth nations are involved as the central powers in soon-to-occur world-shaking events that will dwarf the first two world wars to insignificance! The American and British peoples and those of Northwestern Europe are destined to rise to a position of world POWER, prosperity and dominance many times greater than we now enjoy and to retain our exalted position as the head nations of the earth as long as humanity exists. But first, we are to be catastrophically PUNISHED by our God! We have serious lessons to learn.

The Constitution is more than “The Rule of Law” it is a Covenant made with G-d of Jacob through his son Joseph that passed the Birthright Promise to his two grandchildren Ephraim (America) and Manasseh (Britain) making America modern-day Israel, which you will not hear from your Church or the Synagogues…..

I have finished my Book on this subject and I will be putting out videos that explain from beginning to end about AMERICA IN END TIME PROPHECY REVEALED:

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