Hurricane IRMA, left Islands in Ruins as Chaos Ensues in Looters Paradise

Looters armed with machetes and guns started raiding hotels with violence against stranded guests and shops in St Martin after Irma hurricane battered the island on Wednesday. There are about 1,600 tourists who were on the island that has been evacuated and efforts are being made to move 1,200 more, their fear is they will not survive the civil war underway after surviving a cat 5 hurricane and their spirits are low as to getting help.

On Friday, Massimiliano Napoliello, the manager of a bar in Maho Beach, made a desperate appeal to help families, children and babies get off the island. He wrote on Facebook: ‘The situation in SXM is a HELL! NO WATER NO FOOD NO ELECTRICITY NO COMMUNICATION!

‘They are completely isolated and there are CRIMINALS carrying GUNS AND KNIVES SHOOTING and looting all over!


A hotel guest said, ‘A small minority of sxm-er’s were looting our unoccupied rooms until the Dutch military arrived. Not essentials – taking TV’s,’ he said a bank was robbed the next day.

Another guest, Laura Conroy’s and family were stranded on the island and are now awaiting rescue from US military planes. They are taking American citizens to the more developed Puerto Rico. She said that through the intermittent contact she has had with her sister, she learned that looting was a problem. ‘Many US citizens are being attacked and robbed,’ she told

Looting in St Martin Friday

Local media reported how a group of men overpowered security and staff at Simpson Bay Resort before heading to rooms to take jewelry and money.

‘They even punched and kicked another tourist for trying to stop them from looting. Thank god for marines and police who came and got the situation under control,’ a tourist told The Daily Herald.

Military personnel arrested five men and the area was cleared by police and Coast Guard officials. Troops are being called in to stop looters armed with guns and machetes. Many islanders took to social media to urge people to stay inside.

One local bar owner made her plea on Facebook: ‘People stay at your homes we are under 24 hr curfew. Local media reported that instead of the meat going bad, the bar wanted to help feed hungry islanders and encouraged other businesses to do the same.

Authorities are still trying to determine the extent of damage to the island, but 28 police officers lost homes during Hurricane Irma also. As of September today the 12th the authorities said Looter will be prosecuted according to The  Daily Herald

As of today September 12, 2017, order is being restored and U.S. Citizens and other tourist are being evacuated, while the military and local police restores order on the island, but is still a very dangerous situation there.

Here are some unpleasant photos that show how 185mph Hurricane Irma laid waste to Caribbean islands in a matter of hours.

Tortola in the Virgin Islands was ravaged by Irma’s force

Before: This was the plush atrium in the 144-room, water-front Beach Plaza Hotel in St Martin before Irma struck on Wednesday

After: But by Wednesday night the same hotel had been badly damaged with water cascading through its atrium amid 185mph winds

Another image shows how Irma’s power wrecked the popular Honky Tonk bar in Philipsburg St Martin


Luxury yachts were destroyed and sunk as huge waves battered the coast of St Martin overnight

Entire communities were laid to waste as the wind leveled homes and businesses in St Martin

Wooden structures were obliterated by ferocious winds that battered St Martin on Wednesday

Evacuation of tourist from St Martin Today September 12, 2017


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