911, The Innocent Blood Still Cries Out, How Long Oh Lord!

We ll know our disinformation program is a success when everything the American public believes is false. ..” CIA Director William Casey candidly remarked in early February 1981

It’s also necessary for the fabricators to mock and insult Americans while they do the injury and harm. The official account of the events of 9-11 is a farce, a silly fairy tale, except no one lived happily ever after.

The events of 9-11 required the pretension of airliners being used as missiles — slamming into buildings (buildings designed to withstand such an event) and ensuing fires causing the Titans of steel and concrete to melt to the ground. The sad mockery of the 9-11 events is: no airplanes were involved directly with the attacks and these secondary stories of passengers meeting their deaths, phone calls from the planes, silly slogans like “lets roll” are all mockingly false.

What really happened to the possible passengers on two of the flights (the other two were never actually scheduled to fly on that strange day) we are not yet aware — but we know for sure, no passenger airliners ever crashed into buildings and they are likely still flying to this day.

It’s possible, and necessary, for people to think for themselves. The fabricators of our pop culture and scripted and invented current events are using ancient magic to control the mind and steer the heart via emotional, trauma based, cyclic injections of fear and over the top mega-lies.

For America the nation, a bitter end has been planned and it’s in progress and quickly becoming visible. When people cannot think for themselves and have no options but to accept the invented reality spun from fear and the spurious authority of psychopaths in costume, there is no opportunity to live as a means to your own ends. Living in this “Truman Show” is the life of a prop, a pawn in someone else’s game – a servant at best, a slave, powerless and with increasing despair.

9-11 was a trial run, just like media hyped mass shootings, such as the Faked Sandy Hook Shooting and the B-Movie Faked Bombing in Boston and many, many others. In some cases people die, in others the entire event is faked – but most people never catch on. They are forced to live in fear and suffer and offer up their wealth and Liberties as an offering to the gods of State created Terrorism in hopes that maybe this will be last time.

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