President Trump must take charge immediately!

President Trump will not be President much longer. Yes, he’s survived the Russian nonsense which is why it has faded. He is now being cast as an overt racist.

The longer the President is in office, there is more risk of exposure of the Deep State’s antics for the great unwashed to see. The number of Americans waking up is fast approaching critical mass. However, it doesn’t mean they will act. However, it has to be of concern to the Deep State. The Deep State, which had planned to install a totalitarian state under Hillary Clinton, is on the ropes which is why they are throwing everything possible at Trump and the American people. America is experiencing the Deep State kill shot.

Make no mistake about it, we are already in a civil war. The integrity of the office of the President is under attack. The American culture and history are under attack as are traditional American values. Whites are under attack and soon Christians will be put in the cross-hairs of the Deep State.

Very soon, America is going to experience a series of Reichstag fires which will paralyze this country and force Trump to declare martial law on a local and even a regional basis. This plays right into the hands of the Deep State, for when the coup against America and Trump is fully activated, they will not need to engage in the typical crackdown, because the country will already be under lock-down. When the Deep State fully takes over (i.e. Pence becomes President) they will only have to change the targets of the state of martial law. Radical, Soros-controlled subversives will be off the hook and people like you and me will be their new targets and America will experience her darkest days.

If Trump is to survive, and the average freedom-loving American is to survive, Trump must do the following 10 things:

10 Actions to Save the Country As Well As Trump’s Life

  1. Trump must deputize his personal body guards and make them into the new Presidential Secret Service security guards. Trump is a marked man, and just like JFK, and the present Secret Service is only loyal enough to get him assassinated.
  2.  Trump must make certain appointments during the Congressional recess so he can bypass the confirmation process. Trey Gowdy must become the new Attorney General and the spineless Jeff Sessions must be shown the door. Gowdy will stand ready to prosecute the top minions of the Deep State. Further, Rand Paul must be appointed Secretary of State and he will lead the charge to expel all UN military and all other foreign troops from American soil. The State Department knows who they are and where they are. Tillerson does not run the State Department and this has to change immediately. Trump must have his new security detail administer lie detector tests to all White House key personnel regarding leaks and loyalty. If someone fails the test, they are immediately investigated and subsequently indicted. This will put the fear of God into the infiltrators. Will they be willing to fall on their swords for the Deep State? Then, and only then, does Trump have a chance of getting key personnel to carry out his orders. Finally, he needs to bring in Ron Paul and make him Chief of Staff which will help him to decipher the Deep State’s actions and Ron Paul would help him appear to be more Presidential.
  3. Flip the Pentagon. My sources tell me that there is a strong power struggle going on inside the Pentagon. At stake is who is going to command the military. Will they be loyal to the Constitution, the President and the American people? Or, will they be loyal to the Deep State? The only man that Trump can trust is Representative Scalise to run the Pentagon. He may be limited health wise, but he needs to be given full power to hire and fire. Scalise can be trusted because his shooting was undoubtedly a Deep State hit for the work he was trying to do with regard to child-sex-trafficking. Scalise would rule with an iron fist.
  4. By Executive Order, Trump needs to abolish the John Warner Defense Act. This will re-establish Posse Comitatus which prevents the US military to act against the American people on American soil. This will also decentralize the national guard around the country and give the governors the chance to stand up to tyranny when the fight is initiated by the Deep State.
  5. Trump must arrange for the protection of Awan and Wasserman Schultz. As Awan turns state’s evidence, surely, Wasserman Schultz will be indicted for obstruction and aiding and abetting. She will then turn state’s evidence. This puts Podesta and Hillary in real jeopardy. This is why she must be protected at all costs. Right now, she is the key to Deep State exposure. Wasserman Schultz will eventually bring down Clinton for spearheading DNC voter fraud as well as the emails.
  6. Huma Abedin must be located and also protected. This provides and insurance policy against Wasserman Schultz. Her testimony would also bring down Clinton for malfeasance of office and the nefarious cross-over of criminal activities conducted by the State Department on behalf of the Clinton Foundation. The crimes would include gun-running, drug running, child sex trafficking, organ harvesting out of Haiti and even murder.
  7. Indict John Podesta based upon Wasserman Schultz and Huma Abedin’s testimony. He knows where all the bodies are buried. Will he also roll over on Hillary? And Podesta would open up key Deep State personnel to prosecution.
  8. Arrest California Governor, Jerry Brown, for sedition. Calexit, Brown’s pet project, is sedition. This would stop the planned Soros takeover of America through a series of Calexit type movements across the country. Also, this may be an avenue to arrest Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder for their role in Calexit. Perhaps, Brown’s testimony, under State’s evidence, may bring down Soros who is firmly behind the Calexit movement.
  9. Trump needs to bring home all combat troop stationed overseas. Their mission, after their commanders are administered daily lie-detector tests, is to expel all foreign troops. The UN also needs to have its operations suspended. The troops will defend key installations against the false flag attacks that will surely be coming courtesy of the Deep State.
  10. Indict Hillary Clinton based on the testimonies of Wasserman Schultz, Podesta and Abedin. Trump only needs one of them, I think he can get all three. Clinton opens up extreme exposure to the Deep State mafia. Will Clinton fall on her sword for the cause? It doesn’t matter, because by the time she gets to trial, the damage to the Deep State will be monumental.


Trump has a very short window to execute these types of moves. If Trump stands up to the Deep State, we are going to have a civil war. Actions like the 10 listed above gives Trump and the American people a fighting chance. Privately, I do not trust the resolve of the American people as a whole to make any real difference. However, the military is the wild card, as is 7 million veterans, and the Deep State knows it. This is why Jade Helm 16 practiced against “rogue” American troops who had gone “guerrilla”.

What are the chances of success for the good guys? Not good. However, if something dramatic does not happen quickly, millions of you reading these words will totally be on your own and many of you will have a bulls eye on your back.

Finally, there is an eleventh action that Trump should undertake. He should lead the nation in prayer each and every day. Maybe God would listen to the condemned masses, who are under His judgment, if we showed signs of national repentance.

David Hodge, The Common Sence Show

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