President Trump’s Executive Order “Extreme Vetting” Supersedes Obama’s “Lame Duck” Order to Delete NSEERS

Here is why the democrats, left progressives and Muslims are losing their minds including a judge and many politicians with nefarious agendas for America and her people. What Barack Obama did December 22, 2016 on his way out the door of the White House.

The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) or INS Special Registration was a system for registering certain non-citizens within the United States, initiated in September 2002 as part of the War on Terrorism by President G.W. Bush.

Portions of NSEERS were suspended by Obama as of April 27, 2011, and the entirety of the regulation was deleted on December 22, 2016, but here is the problem; it has a 60 day wait period before it actually becomes law, so that would mean February 22, 2017 it would become the law and President Trump would have a problem with his extreme vetting, and registry of all immigrants and refugees coming and going into USA.

Why the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System program or a system like it so important to secure the Homeland. 

The program was suspended by the Obama administration in 2011, but Obama didn’t fully dismantle it. Instead, Vox reports, Obama simply removed all 25 “high risk” countries from the list (24 of them were in the Middle East; North Korea was the other one). All President Trump would have to do is repopulate the list and NSEERS could be up and running again.

Barack Obama moved to dismantle NSEERS December 22, 2016 but needed the sixty day waiting period to make it Law so President Trump could not repopulate it back into the governmental system and DHS. The Democrats did not expect Donald Trump to win the election so this was a panic mode effort for Obama and the Muslim community in America to stop President Trump securing the Homeland.


On November 22, 2016 the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee submitted a letter co-signed by nearly 200 organizations to Barack Obama, calling on his administration to rescind the regulatory framework behind the NSEERS. The letter was submitted on behalf of nearly 200 civil and human rights, civil liberties, education, social justice, and inter-faith organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Leadership Conference on Civil Human Rights, American Immigration Council, Center for American Progress, National Council of La Raza, the National Immigration Forum, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The letter reads in part, “As organizations that represent diverse communities and that are committed to civil and immigrant rights, we firmly believe that removal of the NSEERS framework is a necessary imperative. We ask the Administration to immediately take steps to remove the regulatory structure of NSEERS and stop any future use of the program.”

The registration system was ordered to be removed near the end of the President Obama’s second term 2016 as a preemptive effort to stem his successor, Donald Trump, from using it. However, because the order occurred within the last 60 days of a President’s term, if it is a “major regulation,” (major social policy significance or cost of more than $100 million dollars) it is subject to Congressional review (see Midnight regulations), and may be voided by an act such as the proposed Midnight Rules Relief Act, which has already passed the House of Representatives. Trump’s advisers had suggested keeping the system to track immigrants.; the Obama administration’s order to remove the system indicates the program was redundant because it called for manual collection of data that is now captured automatically.

Midnight regulations is a term for United States federal government regulations created by executive branch agencies in the lame duck period of an outgoing President‘s administration.

Under NSEERS, certain “foreign citizens and nationals” in the US had to come into immigration offices for fingerprinting, photos, and interviews — and then had to check in again at designated intervals.

But this “special registration” system was selective. It only applied to people on non-immigrant visas (including tourism and work visas). It only applied to men over the age of 16. And it only applied to people from a list of countries the Bush administration considered “havens for terrorists.”  President Trump of course will use this system already in place with Department of Homeland Security, and redefine it and tweak it out with his extreme vetting program.

There were 25 countries on the “special registration” list. Twenty-four were majority-Muslim countries. The 25th was North Korea. President Trump has started with 6 Muslim countries and a halt on Syria for 90 days because Syria being the hotbed of radical Islamist terrorist. This is just common sense for any President to protect the Homeland.

President Trump went to work immediately writing Executive Orders. So the bottom line is the Federal Judge James Robart in Seattle granted a nationwide temporary restraining on President Trumps Order to tie up the TIME CLOCK of both Executive Orders from Obama and Trump. President Trump will WIN this battle!

Immigrants and Refugees coming to the United State should be vetted and some should be banned. We have the right to decide who will assimilate to our culture!


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