Much Confusion on Terrorist Attack in Quebec’s Mosque of Who Did It and Why more like a False Flag Op


Quebec police say one of the men arrested in mosque attack is now considered a witness Alexandre Bissonnette has been Identified by Canadian Media as one of the Alleged Gunmen, still a lot of Confusion. Police are searching for a motive after two gunmen opened fire on worshippers during Sunday night prayers at a mosque in Quebec. Six people were killed and eight have been seriously wounded. *Critical condition*

Witnesses said the gunmen shouted “Allahu Akbar” and sprayed bullets as people prayed inside the mosque in Quebec City, which has been subjected to a number of Islamophobic attacks in recent years. Alexandre Bissonnette has now been named as the only suspect after being arrested by Canadian Police while the Moroccan suspect was cleared by police.

Well I could only guess but, there could be a few motivates other than the obvious since this was an attack on Islam itself from Islamic jihadist or radical Islamic terror cells with allegiance’s to the NWO globalist for their agenda.

It did not take long before the terrorist reacted after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed refugees in after the temporary ban in the US.

A day as a matter of fact before Trudeau’s jurisdiction was hit with a terror attack. I believe this is a warning to Trudeau that “NO” you don’t want to welcome refuges in Canada because it undermines the overthrow American agenda interfering with the plan, because it was an immediate reaction.

Or it could simple be that the islamic community does not want radicals there aka the Sunni muslims & wahabbi muslims and sacrificed their own people for the cause. Or the CIA activated a cell as a Warning to Trudeau. We will need more information to this puzzle but you can bet it has to do with the US temp ban to undermine it.

I personally think the globalist are activating the White Man manchurian candidates to really get the carnage and fear going to kill white man narrative and start having terrorist attacks that will be blamed on the Patriots and Nationalist against islam.

With the inconsistent information this attack is more than likely a false flag operation. Watch video below.

First picture of Quebec ‘gunman who killed six in mosque terror attack’ as ‘police clear Moroccan suspect’

Quebec police say one of the men arrested in mosque attack is now considered a witness




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