Sean Spicer skips Mainstream Media in First Press Briefing

President Trump‘s White House sent a clear message to major media outlets on Monday: You don’t matter as much anymore.

The White House for years has deferred to newswires and major TV networks, all of who are represented in the first row of the White House briefing room, for the first several questions at the daily briefing. But on Monday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer called on very different group of reporters.

He first called on the New York Post. Then, the Christian Broadcasting Network. That was followed by Univision and Fox Business.

Spicer then took a question from Urban Radio Network, and then finally the Associated Press, which up until now has usually gotten the first question.

Fox News was next, followed by ABC.

Under Obama, the AP and Reuters had gotten the first shot at questions each day, followed by networks like NBC, ABC and CBS.

The unprecedented decision ruffled the feathers of some. NBC’S Kelly O’Donnell said Spicer was skipping over major news outlets that cover the White House all day, every day.

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