Watch for the Paris ‘Peace’ Summit to be a Seven Year Treaty

A one sided Peace deal in Favor of the Palestinians !

In my opinion: It could but, the scripture says the Jews will have control of Jerusalem for the first part of the 7 year treaty which is 3 1/2 years, also will be the first part of tribulation 1260 days. Then the islamic animals will control it after that, which bring on the massive torture and deaths, and relocation of Jews.

So if this Paris summit treaty turns out with these guidelines then WE will know where we are in the End Times or just the End of the era or ERROR. This takes place the 15th 5 days before Trump takes office and if this treaty goes down this way whether you like it or not or approve it or not is irrelevant.  This would mean that Trump is a Witness against the wicked aka global elite. I do know that fire proceeds from his mouth and consumes his enemies and destroys them ….metaphorically speaking !!

The Algemeiner reports: The international diplomatic conference set to be held in the French capital this coming Sunday could lead to further anti-Israel action at the UN Security Council next week, according to a former top Israeli official.

In a video published on Sunday, ex-Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General Dore Gold — the current president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs — cautioned, “On Jan. 17, again the UN will reconvene and it will probably discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and if there is a conclusion to this meeting in Paris [on Jan. 15], that conclusion may find its way to New York.”

“This is objectionable to Israel,” Gold — who served as the Jewish state’s UN envoy in the late 1990s — went on to say. “What Israel learned through many years of negotiations and diplomacy, from the days of [the late former Foreign Minister] Abba Eban to the period of [Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu, was that the only way we resolve our differences with our neighbors is by sitting face-to-face at the peace table.”

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