Bill To Eliminate Airport Gun Free Zones Introduced Immediately Before Ft. Lauderdale Shooting

The incident, which was the sixth mass shooting in the U.S. so far this year, reportedly began after the suspect retrieved a pistol from his checked case, went to the bathroom to load it, and opened fire inside baggage claim.

But just last week, Florida lawmakers began rallying support for SB 140, a state bill that would repeal laws which, among other things, ban guns in airport terminals like the one where the shooting occurred. If passed, the legislation would allow those with concealed carry licenses to bring guns into passenger terminals.

Florida’s bill was sent to committee just three days before the shooting. It was deemed to have a high likelihood of passing out of the Senate Judiciary Committee; similar legislation had died in committee previously because the former chair didn’t schedule a vote, but he lost his bid for reelection. The new chair, Greg Steube (R), is a sponsor of the bill and huge proponent of getting rid of gun-free zones.

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