New House Resolution Condemns UN Resolution ‘Hit-Job”, Slams Obama’s Anti-Israel Agenda

By Condemning UN’s Anti-Settlement Resolution, House Democrats Side With Israel’s Far-Right Over President Obama.  How dare they reject their king Obama the Head of the UN Security Council!

It truly is a shame that people have eyes and cannot see anything wrong with Obama acting as President of the United States and illegally seated at the UN Security Council. It is unconstitutional illegal and treasonous. Obama is already the LEADER OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER and will always be working in the SHADOWS to overthrow Donald Trump and America.

A majority of Democratic lawmakers in the House joined hands with virtually all congressional Republicans to vote for a bill condemning a United Nations Security Council resolution that reaffirms the illegality of Israel’s settlements on so-called occupied Palestinian land.

By rejecting the UN resolution, the House Democrats rebuked the leader of their party, President Barack Obama, whose administration registered a rare refraining vote on the measure. This really has to chaff his butt.

In the vote on Thursday, January 5, a large majority of 342 lawmakers supported the anti-UN bill, with just 80 opposing. Nearly the entire Republican contingent of the House, 233 representatives, voted for the legislation, with a mere four voting against.

On the other side, 109 Democrats supported it, with 76 opposing. Key leaders in the Democratic Party voted for the anti-UN bill. Likewise, Rep. Ted Lieu, a progressive Democrat from Los Angeles who has been perhaps the most outspoken critic of US support for the brutal war in Yemen, joined the Republicans in supporting the pro-Israel legislation.

Some Democrats stood with the international community in support of the UN resolution.Voting to condemn international law The bill, H. Res. 11, attacks UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which it claims is as “an obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace” and is “biased against Israel.”

UN Security Council Resolution 2334 simply restates a longstanding international legal consensus:

The resolution was passed on December 23 with unanimous support from the international community. Every member of the Security Council except for the US voted for the resolution, including the UK, China, Japan, France, Spain, Angola, Russia, Ukraine, and more.

Just seven US lawmakers did not vote for the House bill. At least one, Florida Democrat Charlie Crist, emphasized that he opposed the UN resolution, but released a statement saying he had not been able to make it to the floor for the vote.

For decades, the US has regularly vetoed UN resolutions that are critical of the Israeli government’s violations of international law according to their bias, the real violation as far as they are concerned is the very existence of the Hebrew people, living and working and building and improving the land as God commanded them. H. Res. 11 in fact brags of numerous US vetoes of such Security Council resolutions.

In 1979, the US again abstained on Security Council Resolution 446, which stated clearly that Israeli settlements established on so-called occupied Palestinian land “have no legal validity and constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East.”

So there you have it, God’s people that he has a covenant with “Judah” which God said he would never depart from, are called occupiers on occupied land that God gave them over 4000 years ago. The Islamic nations will never accept Israel and God will soon settle this issue.

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