Is Obama Diminishing US Powers Preparing to Become Secretary General of the UN?

President Obama is systematically diminishing the sovereign powers of the United States president by yielding numerous regulatory powers to the office of UN Secretary General. His latest maneuver to strengthen UN regulation of Israeli settlements may not be the finale of his closing months as president but the prologue to years ahead by pushing his legacy to where he can continue to carry it out at the UN.

These sudden moves in the final month of a lame-duck presidency are the most extraordinary all-out rush to get new diplomacy solidly in place before the president-elect gets into office that I’ve ever seen. There would be no point in doing any of this unless Obama believes he can rapidly accomplish something irreversible, getting laws passed so quickly and Executive Orders. What other Orders are going to become law before he leave?

An Israeli spokesman warned that last week’s anti-Israel U.N. resolution may be only the beginning. David Keyes, spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said his government is concerned that the Obama administration is scrambling to put its stamp on Israeli foreign policy before President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

We actually believe this may be the first of another series of pushes before the Obama administration leaves office. Mr. Netanyahu fears that Secretary of State John Kerry may seek a Security Council resolution to enshrine the administration’s vision for an Israeli-Palestinian accord before Mr. Trump takes office.

On January 15th, seventy nations will converge in Paris to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the United State of America as well. Kerry will be there, and there is no question that his seventy-minute speech this week set the table for his plans at that summit.

According to France’s i24News,

Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders…..Jerusalem and all Holy sites will be Palestinians, all the Red and Gaza Strip. Golan Heights was under Syrian control and Israel won it in the Six Day War

Kerry would propose the recognition of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, and after land exchanges that would allow about 80% of the Jewish residents of the settlements to remain under Israeli sovereignty. The Palestinians will have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and Israel will have to recognize the Palestinian state but all of their Holy ground would be GONE and its capital, East Jerusalem. Kerry is expected to submit this proposal next month, just before the change of administration. So we will see how this plays out.

Certainly sounds like an all-out last-minute press to establish solid facts on the ground before Trump can do anything about them. The Guardian reports,

White House races to save Middle East peace process before Trump takes office:… The parameters outlined by Kerry are expected to draw international endorsement at a meeting of foreign ministers on 15 January, just five days before Trump moves into the White House. The meeting is supposed to reinforce a strategy of isolating Netanyahu….but it is more than just that it is also how are they going to take President Trumps power.

The Israeli government is reportedly fearful that any guidelines agreed in Paris would be turned into another UN resolution before Trump’s inauguration, and it has ratcheted up its rhetoric, presenting itself as the victim of an international conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Israel’s defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman, portrayed the Paris conference as a new “Dreyfus trial”, referring to an outburst of French antisemitism more than a century ago, and urged French Jews to move to Israel…. Aaron David Miller, a former US negotiator on the Middle East and now a scholar at the Wilson Centre thinktank, said Obama’s 11th-hour attempt at legacy building on the Israeli-Palestinian issue could trigger a backlash.

“It risks the incoming administration walking away from whatever has transpired in December and early January, and not just walking away from [but] sending unmistakable signals to the Israelis that it would support and favour acts on the ground that go beyond what we’ve seen,” Miller said. “The odds that Netanyahu will now press and Trump will respond positively to a move to push the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, I think have gone up.”

He said that if the highly emotive issue of Jerusalem’s status became the focal point of Israeli-Palestinian friction once more, “then I think the prospects for a serious, significant confrontation are high….” Amir Oren, a liberal Israeli commentator, argued that the UN resolution could save the government from itself by bringing closer an end to settlement construction.

“Santa Obama delivered a wonderful Christmas present to Israel when the United States opted not to veto Friday’s United Nations security council vote condemning settlement policy,” Amir Oren wrote in Haaretz. “The passage of the resolution won’t result in the immediate dismantling of any West Bank settlements, but the world is beginning to come to the rescue and try to save Israel from itself.” Haha save itself by destroying it? What many do not realize is the 5 different party affiliation in Israel that is just as infiltrated as America’s White House and Congress.

Indeed, it appears to be a move in the direction of the world helping Israel save itself.  I don’t think Obama is just going to throw that on the world stage and then walk away, feeling his legacy is complete. I think he’s putting it there now, while he can, so that he can take it up in the global theater when he is out of office.

The Egyptian article alluded to above — denied by the Obama admin. — quotes Kerry as saying he could present his ideas for a final-status solution if the Palestinians pledge they will support the proposed framework. Obviously he hasn’t got much time to present them officially to other nations for action outside of this one January 15th meeting.

While a move by Obama to gain the Secretary General position at the UN would be a major blow to Angelina Jolie’s aspirations, I think there is evidence Obama is moving in that direction now that he has no hope of any political power as high as he has become used to. A few people would have to be removed but I am sure the globalist are up to the task and the reason for demeaning Russia and China.

There is a pattern in all of Obama’s biggest initiatives during his last term. His trans-Pacific trade pact, which he put intense last-hour effort behind, and his months of developing the global environmental agreement sought to strip the US presidency of power and empower the UN Secretary General by ceding extensive regulatory powers to the UN. The Hidden is easy to see when looking at the picture.

Obama clearly favors things being done at the UN, or his treaties wouldn’t move so much regulatory power in that direction. So, why wouldn’t he want to take the position of Secretary General in order to continue to work on these things? Does he appear to be the kind of man to just walk away from power and go golfing for the rest of his life? No! This is a well laid plan a New World Order also known as the United Nations.

All of his proposed treaties had the effect of weakening his own current office. That would certainly diminish the ability of any future president to stand in the way of what Obama would like to accomplish at the UN. The underlying theme of all his treaties may be that he needed to diminish US powers while he could in order to create a more powerful international position for himself in the future with less interference from the US.

Obama may have already secured votes behind the scene at the UN, and delivering this resolution on Israel that the UN has wanted for a long time should gain him many additional votes. He has made it clear for some time that resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a major legacy item for him. With his days now too short in the presidency to accomplish much, he needs to push power to the UN if he is to continue working on that legacy issue.

By getting this resolution passed through the Security Council in recent days, Obama reduced some of Trump’s veto power over what the UN can impose on Israel in the future. The resolution strengthens the UN General Assembly’s ability to place sanctions on Israel that don’t need to go through the security council and, therefore, are not something Trump would be able to veto. They also give the UN a firm basis for taking Israel to international court at the Hague if any further settlement activity continues.

Since Trump will try to reverse all of this, Obama’s declaration on Israel may prove meaningless unless he gains a position at the UN to catch the ball he is now passing in order to keep running it forward. If nothing else, this action will ingratiate him at the UN, making his friends there feel he has finally earned that Nobel Peace Prize he received for getting elected in 2008.

Other twilight maneuvers by Obama that attempt to strip the incoming president of power.

Obama punished Russia for its allege interference in the 2016 presidential election, with economic sanctions and diplomatic censure. The administration is finalizing the details, which also are expected to include covert action that will probably involve cyber-operations.

Apparently, Obama intends to start a cyberwar with Russia before Trump gets in office in order to establish more facts on the ground that move Russian relations away from Trump’s stated aims before he even gets started:

Administration officials would also like to make it difficult for President-elect Donald Trump to roll back any action they take.

Does that mean “do enough damage to the Russians that they have to retaliate in a mutual cyberwar before Trump takes office?” Start a war and leave it for the other guy to finish? That is from the fake-news-hating, Obama-loving, liberal Post, not the conservative Washington Times. No it is much more than that Obama plans to not leave Power!

Besides his actions with Israel and the UN and the upcoming Paris meeting about Israel, Obama has by executive order locked out major areas of the Arctic for oil drilling in a move that is seen as likely irreversible by Trump because of how congress long ago wrote up the law that allows this executive action. (It would take an act of congress to override the president’s move to designate these lands as perpetually off the table for oil drilling.)

The Obama administration has dismantled the legal framework Trump could have used for vetting Muslim immigrants.

Presidents like to save their most controversial pardons for their last day in office. Will Obama offer Hillary Clinton a pardon that exempts her from prosecution for any crimes committed prior to the date of the pardon? The precedent for pardoning someone before they are even formally charged with a crime was established by President Gerald Ford when he pardoned Nixon, as his first act in office, before Nixon was even impeached or taken to trial.

This is why Trump is not talking about the issue until he is sworn in. Is he hoping that, by appearing he won’t go after Hillary, Obama will not pardon her, an action that implicitly says Hillary did something wrong and that Hillary might have to accept in order for it to be effective. Obama may prefer not to pardon if Trump appears to prefer not to prosecute because a pardon would be regarded by many as tacit admission that there was some kind of wrong-doing to pardon her from.

Trump, of course, is all atwitter about Obama’s end-of-term efforts to cut off his options:

Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks. Thought it was going to be a smooth transition — NOT!

Obama’s legacy treaties remain works in progress that he would like to see through. As all the above actions are not the motions of someone who is retiring to the sidelines, I don’t think it is unreasonable to suggest that Obama has no intention of ceding power to the next president of the United States and is using his own powers as president to move as much sovereign power as he can … to the United Nations.

BUT there are a couple of major problems to my theory:

The UN has already chosen its Secretary General — Antonio Guterres, former prime minister of Portugal, who starts in just two days. The other problem to this theory is that China and Russia would have to approve Obama’s nomination before the general assembly could even vote for him, which means slapping them around as much as he has virtually assures he’d never get the nod.

So, if we see in the near future that the planets are aligning up for Obama becoming Secretary General and these obstacles are removed, then you will know what is coming next.  Maybe he’s just desperate to run a scorched-earth policy by stirring up as much global chaos as he can before he loses the opportunity to assure war throughout the middle east.

Or maybe he’s working for a higher, darker power. One thing is certain: his actions during his twilight days in office stir up more potential global conflict than any president has ever sought to create on his way out of the doors of the White House.

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  1. Whether American primacy lasts another 20 years or another 200, Kagan’s paramount worry is that Americans will commit “preemptive superpower suicide out of a misplaced fear of their own declining power.

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