Jeb Fears Trump knows Who Was Behind 9/11 Attacks!

Dr. Steve Pieczenik breaks down what Donald Trump was really saying to Jeb at the last debate regarding 9/11. Trump knows the truth and has put the bush crime family on notice!

I think that if the power shifted back to the people where it belongs, there would be an innate fear of taking office to anyone that had a personal agenda. Like joining the mafia or any major street gang, once your in, you’re in for life. The only way out is in a box, whether it be because of natural causes someday or because you screwed up somewhere is irrelevant. In other words any official, their words, actions, policies, etc can be held to them for life, if something springs up out of it… Fix it and exterminate those responsible for it. There are no second chances or excuses, the people should decide what is to be done with you if you neglect or abuse your power.

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