Dr. Steve Pieczenik: The Counter-Coup Update

For those not familiar with the coup and counter coup here is a link to update you. Steve Pieczenik: Counter-Coup to Stop Clinton Happening Now Within Intelligence Community Steve Pieczenik, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, asserts that “Hillary and Bill Clinton are attempting a takeover of the United States and will stop at nothing. A coup d’état of this magnitude has never been affected in such a subtly calculated way.” However, according to Pieczenik, patriotic agents and officers within the FBI, NYPD, and the Intelligence Agencies are fighting back:

You are now witnessing a new type of American Revolution. The Clintons and Podesta initiated a silent coup to undermine the USG through corruption and co-optation of the elite political leaders. In turn, they were met by the silent counter-coup of our civilian/military Intelligence community.

Steve Pieczenik served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker. We don’t know the extent of Mr. Pieczenik’s involvement in the “Info-Counter Coup,” but it is clearly happening. It is now known that personnel within the U.S. government (not the Russians!) are leaking information on Hillary and Bill Clinton, making sure additional evidence sees the light of day, and/or threatening to leak more, to try to keep Hillary from taking the White House. Obviously FBI Director Comey has a serious rebellion on his hands from FBI agents who have had enough, and he is being forced to reverse his prior bought-and-paid for course of action. We now wait to see what else will come to light. Pieczenik alleges that:

As a way of counter-acting the Clinton’s silent coup of corruption, these brave men and women of the [intelligence Community ] have released a series of emails through Julian Assange and Wiki-Leaks which underscore the Clintons’ massive corruption attempts to take over our USG through the rigged electoral system.

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