Where Is The Proof Mr. Resident? Obama Promises to Take Action Against Russia’s Election Meddling

This is nothing more than political terrorism. In an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep that aired Friday, Resident Obama said the U.S. must retaliate for Russia’s cyberattacks during the presidential election, but where is the proof? Obama did not say what form this retaliation would take, partly because he’s waiting for a final report on the matter, but he promised to take action “at a time and place of our own choosing.

Some of it may be explicit and publicized; some of it may not be.” U.S. intelligence officials have concluded hackers working on behalf of Russia broke into the Democratic National Committee’s computer network, and the email of John Podesta, a top adviser for Hillary Clinton.

Last week, The Washington Post published a “Fake” secret CIA assessment claiming Russia aimed to help Donald Trump win which is their bias “Fake News” report for their hatred for President Elect Trump. The video posted below has the head of the Intelligence community stating that Russia did not hack the DNC or Podesta’s email. The problem is Obama has “NO” proof from the CIA or any other Intelligence source. This is a total fabrication used to install Hillary Clinton or to keep Resident Obama in office.  Trump continues to dispute the intelligence assessments, and Thursday he tweeted:

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